20% CBD gold oil

20% CBD gold oil

  • $60.00

10ml (2000mg CBD)

Our newest CBD oil is made with some of the most modern extraction techniques used today. The process doesnt involve solvents or alcohol and the plant extract goes straight into MCT oil (purified coconut oil, to know more please click here)

In this way, all the medicinal properties of the plant go into the oil such as terpenes, flavanoids, CBD, CBC, CBG and CBN. After the extraction process we add pure CBD (99,9%) cristals to reach the desired concentration of the CBD in the product; in the case of our CBD gold light 10%. With this technique we get this balanced and flavorful oil.

Its golden colour and rather liquid consistency make it a more attractive to some people, especially because there are almost no traces of THC and therefore we can send it legally to most countries in the world. We deliver this product in dropper bottles to make it easy do store, dose and transport. Each drop of the oil contains approximately 7mg of pure CBD.

To see the laboratory test of this product please click here.

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